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The Media and Entertainment Creative Aptitude Test (MECAT) in India evaluates creative abilities, problem-solving skills, and personality traits of individuals aspiring to enter the media and entertainment industry. It provides a standardized platform aligned with industry curriculum and admission requirements. MECAT helps identify strengths, areas for improvement, and nurtures talent by offering insights and feedback. It serves as a gateway for aspiring individuals to gain recognition, access opportunities, and unlock their true potential in the industry.

MECAT Jr. is designed for 6th-10th graders in India, while MECAT caters to older students. MECAT Jr. assesses creative abilities, problemsolving skills, and personality traits, while MECAT evaluates older students' readiness for media and entertainment careers.

The test lasts for 90 minutes

Students opting for the premium membership at nominal charges get the access to reappear for the exam multiple times.

After downloading your test report, a list of renowned institutes open up which is based upon the scales of your result. It also comes with offers and scholarships.

There aren’t any sample questions per say but MECAT provides counselling sessions, celebrity certified courses along with Vidyadaan (Hyperlink for Vidyadaan website) sessions.