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MECAT is all about you and your journey in the creative world. It looks at your unique creative and problem-solving abilities, as well as your personality traits, so you can make informed career choices from 10th grade onwards.

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You the young children are ready to explore the world of possibilities. With MECAT Jr. you can uncover your potential and discover new interests and have fun while doing it!

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                        You the young children are ready to explore the world of possibilities. With
                                            MECAT Jr. you can uncover your potential and discover new interests and have
                                            fun while doing it!
Discover Your Passion, Chart Your Course,
                                Conquer the Industry

Discover Your Passion, Chart Your Course, Conquer the Industry

MECAT provides clarity and directions to students by helping them identify their strengths, interests, and potential career paths within the dynamic media and entertainment landscape. It goes beyond traditional academic qualifications and focuses on assessing skills, abilities, and creative thinking required in the industry.

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Self-Awareness and Growth

MECAT provides students with a deeper understanding of their own strengths, interests, and aptitudes, allowing them to take informed decisions about their educational and career paths.

The assessment covers a range of aptitude areas, including creative thinking, problem-solving, communication, teamwork, adaptability, and other skills relevant to the media and entertainment sector.

It serves as a standardized platform for assessing candidates' suitability for various sub-sectors and programs within the industry.

  • Career Direction & Pathways

    MECAT helps students gain clarity about their interests, strengths and potential by assessing their creative aptitude, allowing them to make well-informed decisions about their future.

  • Access to Learning Resources

    MECAT grants students access to a wealth of learning resources including videos, magazines, and other materials to enhance knowledge, skills and understanding.

Open Doors for Opportunity
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Empowering Tomorrow's Creative Leaders

MECAT helps creative individuals with personalised guidance, industry recognition, and diverse career paths. We help you discover your strengths, make smart choices, and thrive in media and entertainment.

Talent Identification and Development

MECAT assesses candidates' creative aptitude and potential, recognizing individuals with the skills and passion needed for success across various industry sub-sectors.

Skill Amplification and

MECAT ensures individuals are placed in roles where they can excel and contribute significantly, leading to improved productivity and overall ecosystem growth.

Industry Growth and Innovation

MECAT helps create a skilled workforce capable of meeting the industry's evolving demands, encouraging the development of new technologies, creative content, and business opportunities.

Collaboration and Networking

MECAT provides a platform for educational institutions, industry professionals, and aspiring talents to collaborate and network, strengthening and building a stronger interconnected ecosystem.

Revealing Your Creative Superpowers

MECAT evaluates not only your creative aptitude but also other crucial skills required in the industry, such as problem-solving, critical thinking, communication, and teamwork. MECAT is your key to unlocking a world of opportunities, empowering you to unleash your creative superpowers and embark on a remarkable journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

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Revaling your creative Superpowers superpowers

Students Testimonial


Hey, I am Arunima, I’m student in 10th grade. Growing up, my interest in arts led to a passion for content creation, including writing, poster making, and vlogs. Everyone advised keeping hobbies as hobbies and focusing on academic studies for success...


Hello, my name is Param, and I am a 12th-grader. Since my childhood, I've been fascinated by cinema's magic and visual narrative, from watching films to creating short films. MECAT helped me get over my doubts and the test pushed me to pursue a filmmaking career


Hi, I'm Vibhav, and I'm an engineering student in my last year . I am a gamer by passion and was doubtful about pursuing it as a career. I faced criticism and uncertainty about making a living from the gaming passion. However, after MECAT confirmed about gaming.


Hey I am Aakash, after completing 12th grade, I chose a graphic design course but realized it wasn't for me. I discovered MECAT and passed the exam, discovering opportunities for content creation and finding suitable institutions.


Ramesh Sippy

MECAT is a revolutionary assessment tool for the media and entertainment industry. It evaluates creative aptitude, problem-solving skills, and communication abilities, providing personalized insights for career guidance. MECAT benefits students, educational institutions, industry partners, and the overall ecosystem. It enhances talent identification, fosters collaborations, streamlines recruitment, and bridges the skills gap. With renowned experts and continuous refinement, MECAT is a game-changer in unleashing creative potential and driving industry growth.

It is a testament to our commitment to unlocking the creative potential of the next generation and shaping a bright future for the industry. I encourage students, educational institutions, and industry partners to embrace MECAT and embark on a journey of self-discovery, growth, and success.


Padma Shri Ramesh Sippy

Chairman - MESC
Renowned Indian Filmmaker, Director, Producer & Educationist

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