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Conducted by Media and Entertainment Skills Council, MECAT is India’s largest aptitude test for admissions to animation, visual effects, gaming, film making or any other career program in Media & Entertainment Sector. MECAT is accepted by hundreds of universities, colleges, and training institutes in India. MECAT is a standardized test to measure the creativity, aptitude and readiness of a candidate wanting to join training institution in Media & Entertainment Sector.

Candidates appearing for MECAT gets additional support by MESC in terms of Career Guidance, Workshops, Master Trainer Programs, Hundreds of Video Sessions, Industry Interactions, Events also including opportunities for Placement & entrepreneurship.

Many partner institutions also offer scholarships to candidates appearing through MECAT depending on their scores, however this completely vests with the choice of training institutions at their own discretion.

Advantages of Appearing for MECAT

Discover more about the Creative Genius in You!
01 MECAT is one of the most accepted scores by MESC- affiliated training institutions for admission to their programmes.
02 Students willing to pursue career in the Media and Entertainment Sector will be able to self-access and understand their strength areas.
03 MECAT shall help the candidate to decide the best for themselves whether in terms of program or the institute thus enabling better opportunities.
04 MECAT ensures that you are at the best and recognized training facilities in the country which offers most updated courses taught by certified trainers and backed by strong industry connects.
05 MECAT provides an opportunity to candidates to interact with industry experts and leaders during various webinars.
06 MECAT commits to support you even after completion of the programs with exciting opportunities to pursue in the M&E sector.
07 A Chance to Participate in International Competitions, IndiaSkills/Worldskills & MESC Job Fairs.
08 250+ Classes Subscription: Free access to Creative Warriors LMS platform for one year offering wide range of courses.

Explore the Enormous Opportunity

Be a part of the sunrise Industry and explore exciting career opportunities in several sub Sectors of Media & Entertainment.

MECAT Process Flow:
These are the 6 simple steps to participate in Media & Entertainment Creative Aptitude Test
Level 1
Level 2
MECAT (the D-Day)
Level 3
Report Generation
Level 4
Level 5

About MESC

MESC has been working closely with leading training institutions and industry partners to understand the skill gap requirements and work towards development of a refined ecosystem supported by best experts, world class infrastructure, most updates curriculum and the unique opportunity for aspiring minds to grow in the career and contribute the overall growth of nation.

MECAT, an initiative by MESC, envisions to be a national platform for all institutions. Offering a visibility. reach and connect with the most inspiring & creative minds seeking admissions in the media and entertainment sector. Connect with us to list your training institutions and avail benefits years to come.


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Partner with us:

India’s first ever national aptitude test “Media & Entertainment Creative Aptitude Test (MECAT)” is being organized by MESC to ensure that the leading training institutions in the country are promoted and marketed efficiently and effectively across the community of students who are interested in taking admissions in various domains and sub sectors related to the Media & Entertainment (M&E) Industry.

Media & Entertainment Skill council is working to ensure the training centres regain the momentum, and they can regenerate inquires and enrolments to provide quality training.

Thus, we are there to support you grow!